Bucks County Tree service

Looking to for a Bucks County Tree Company?

Look no further! the Best in Bucks County Tree services is just around the corner. When your searching for the best. Call these guys.  Seriously...this is the best company with all the trimmings, PUN intended. I had a serious landscape issue and these guys were the right to call. Read more...


Why ScottPac.com is the Ultimate Physician Assistant Blog

Are you a medical practitioner looking for additional knowledge from online websites? You can garner knowledge through traditional books or fellow physicians when you need some assistance regarding your profession but that may not be reliable. How about getting exclusive information from Physician assistant blog which is just a click away? No travel required! Read more...


Reading Plumbers are Amazing

The best Plumbers in Reading, PA

I had recently visited the Reading , Pa are had a discussion with a very nice Gentleman during my stay.  We were discussing what we did for a living and he explained to me that he is Reading Plumbers, and has been since birth. This man had been born and raised a plumber from the time he could remember until today. His family tree is cluttered with plumbers from every generation. Read more...


Philadelphia Emergency Plumbers

24 Hour Emergency Plumber in Philadelphia

Although this is a travel blog and I love to talk about travel, I have a quick little article here for the Hotel owners in the city of Philadelphia. I recently stayed at the Crown Plaza in Philly and they had a pipe burst. The emergency Plumbers that came to repair the massive pipe that was spewing from the kitchen area were extremely professional. Read more...


Getting some New Carpeting

Hotel Cambodia Online is getting a Fresh new Floor! I am looking for a new theme that will go with what I have envisioned in my head to be Hotel Cambodia. I first thought of this while talking with my friend who owns  a Bucks County Carpet company in Langhorne. He and I were discussing a customer of his and then I said, I need some new carpet! (lol obviously talking about a new Theme) Read more...


Going Ireland...Erin Go Bragh!

Ireland Family Trip

Yesss! I have just booked a trip to Ireland! I am so excited!

I am going to Ireland come September. I'm going with my Parents and my sister and her husband. I had gotten a great deal thanks to my cousin. The price is not bad and I am paying for my parents trip. My Brother-in-law owns his own plumbing company and he is paying his own way. But I am sure he could use some spending cash,  check out is site here Philadelphia plumbers. Tell him I sent you, then I can get him to treat me to dinner one night...lol! Read more...


Top Travel Stories of the Week

Check out the travel stories you may have missed this week.

elephant in africa

‘Our Living Dinosaurs’: There Are Far Fewer African Elephants Than We Thought, Study Shows
CNN reports on a new study that will upset safari goers and animal-loving travelers everywhere. … Keep reading!

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&Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge reopens in South Africa

The old family favourite &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge, which sits on a big five private game reserve that shares unfenced borders with the Kruger National Park in South Africa, has re-opened following a US$ 2 million rebuild and refurbishment. The brilliant transformation and elegant new look has kept Ngala’s genteel and romantic safari feel but enhanced the guest offering.
Breaking Travel News | News: tourism


Antigua and Barbuda appoints Director of Tourism, USA

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has named a new Director of Tourism, USA, based in New York City. Kim Jack Riley began her tenure on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.
Breaking Travel News | News: tourism
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Resort guide: Costa del sell

Take a fresh look at this Spanish coastline with Annie Bennett’s resort-by-resort guide.
Travel Weekly
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Businessman Entertains Himself with Wacky Hotel Requests

What do you typically ask for when staying at a hotel — a few extra pillows? A toothbrush or phone charger if you left yours at home?

One traveler goes well beyond such reasonable requests on his business trips, asking … Keep reading!

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Join our family city trips #LPchat on Twitter!

#LPchat: family city adventures

We know your little explorers-in-training love to get out there and see the world, but equally we understand that travelling with children presents its own set of travel challenges. Which is why we’ve loaded our latest free ebook with tonnes of travel tips and tricks to help you through your next city adventure with the kids!

And to celebrate its launch, our next #LPchat will be all about family city trips. Whether you’d like to show the kids the bright lights of New York City or delve into the history in Rome, bring your best family travel tips and pics to our next #LPchat on Wednesday 20 April 2016 – our favourite tweeter will win a copy of Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist colouring book and a Lonely Planet travel guide of their choice. 

How do I take part?

  1. Follow @lonelyplanet and the hashtag #LPchat on Twitter on Wednesday 20 April from 8pm BST/12pm PST.
  2. Questions will be ordered Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. To answer Q1, begin your tweet with A1. For Q2, A2 and so on.
  3. Add #LPchat to all of your tweets during the Twitter chat, so others (including @lonelyplanet) can see what you’re saying.
  4. Bring your best tips for family travel tips!

Introducing our co-host

Lonely Planet Kids

Lonely Planet Kids

Lonely Planet Kids aims to kick-start the travel bug and open kids’ eyes and minds to the world around them. Through it, we hope to share our love of travel, our sense of humour and our continual fascination with what makes the world the diverse and magnificent place it is. Follow us at @LPKids and check out our full range of kids titles here.

Visit our family travel page and Lonely Planet Kids site for inspiration, practical advice and resources for your little ones.

Terms and conditions
Entrants must be 13 years old or over. Judges’ decision is final. Promoter: Lonely Planet Publications Ltd of 240 Blackfriars Rd, London, SE1 8NW, UK. The winner will be notified via direct message on Twitter. The winner must claim their prize and provide an address for delivery within 7 days of being notified, otherwise the judges may select another winner. Prize: A Lonely Planet book of your choice, up to the value of £20 and a copy of Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist colouring book. Subject to availability.

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Where in the World?

This Friday’s challenge is a photo of an unidentified place somewhere in the world. Can you tell us where the photo was taken? Leave your guess in the comments below — and check back on Tuesday to see if you … Keep reading!

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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from January 2016


From the stark whiteness of Iceland in winter to the vibrant greens found in sun-kissed Bangladesh, it was all about colour in this month’s roundup of our Pathfinders’ top Instagrams.

Every month we share the most eye-catching and interesting captures from our Pathfinders community. Here are our selections for January.

Istanbul, Turkey

‘Taken just days after the bombings in Istanbul, this is the everlasting beauty of the Blue Mosque, one of those places that you’ve just got to see with your own eyes regardless of what’s going on around you.’ – Macca, A Brit and Abroad.
Why we like it: We love the angle of this shot, and the way it captures the contrast of the warm glow of the lighting against a backdrop of moody shades.

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland


Iceland at the start of the new year was a blanket of snow. I thought it might wash the photos out but the beautiful blues of the rivers make for a stunning contrast.’ – Daniel, Dan Flying Solo.
Why we like it: There’s no doubt that Iceland has some epic landscapes to its name, and this aerial shot showcases just one of them. We like how the contrast in the deep blues against the stark whites help depict the full force of nature. It also makes us feel a little chilly!

Black Rock City, Nevada

A photo posted by A:M (@violetspring) on

‘Amidst this grape-like haze, this magical moment was captured at Burning Man 2015. During this event, as dusk laid its blanket across the sky it would personify the calm before the storm- allowing moments of beautiful, quiet reflection before nights laced with wickedly wonderful behaviour. It was a personal and spiritual experience that will stay with me always and has taught me the essence of being completely consumed by the moment.’ – A, TRPN.
Why we like it: We love the shades of colour captured in this photo and how they progressively deepen, which gives us a sense of calm amidst the busy event.

Andalucia, Spain

‘There is some magic in finding the right spot for sunset when you are road tripping your way around a new region. Gibraltar’s presence, a unique UK redoubt in the Southern tip of Spain, stands out as lights dim. So close and yet so far.’ – Inma, A World to Travel.
Why we like it: The contrast in the busy Spanish road against the darkness of the mountains and the (very still) rock of Gibraltar in the background, all bought together under a tremendous sunset. The colours really pop out of this shot.

Hum Hum Waterfall Park, Bangladesh

As we waded knee deep through the fresh waters of the park with our guide, our journey was full of joyous moments as the sun kept popping through the trees’ leaves in the sky. I kept back from the group for a minute to soak the natural beauty of Bangladesh up and snap this uplifting shot.’ – Alice, Teacake Travels.
Why we like it: This capture makes us want to reach for our passports, immediately. We love the way the sun filters into this shot which brings out out the gorgeous greens of the lush forestry and an overall element of fantasy.  

For your chance to be featured in our next round up, sign up to Lonely Planet Pathfinders – our programme for travel-loving bloggers and social content creators. In the meantime, you can get more Instagram inspiration by following @lonelyplanet.

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LP Pathfinders: top posts from December 2015


The Hundertwasser Toilets in New Zealand © May-lin Joe / Moment Open / Getty

Toilets, spontaneous day trips and Texan barbecue ring in the new year in this month’s Pathfinders round-up. And if that eclectic mix isn’t enough, we’ve also got tales of wreck diving in Thailand (envy-inducing imagery included) and Narnia-like landscapes on the Thames. A great start to 2016!

London’s mysterious Eel Pie Island – Julie Falconer

An unexpected discovery takes this London lady off the beaten track and into a surreal world of colourful curiosities. Julie expertly leads the reader down the proverbial rabbit hole that is Eel Pie Island and captures the sensory feast in her vibrant images.

At 100 countries and counting this London-based blogger has an enviable travel CV. Follow Julie’s blog at aladyinlondon.com

Koh Kood diving – the HTMS Chang Shipwreck – Adam and Meghan

Adam and Meghan’s stunning shots from their diving trip transport you to the incredible underwater world beneath the seas around Koh Kood, Thailand, and their practical tips make planning your own adventure a breeze.

Adam and Meghan have been travelling the world together for five years. Follow their blog at boldtravel.com

Day trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi – Danushi Kumaravithana

A spontaneous decision made after a night out in Dubai turns into an epic adventure in Abu Dhabi. Danushi shares her experiences – the pros and cons – of her impromptu day trip to the capital of the UAE.

Dani is based in Sydney and has a passion for food and exploration. Follow her blog at house-in-tillford.com

A glutton’s guide to the best BBQ in Texas – Stephen Lioy

Stephen’s mouthwatering pilgrimage guides you through the banquet of barbecue options available at Lockhart’s three smokehouses. Take on the challenge of eating at all three in one day or follow Stephen’s tips to pick your top spot for a blowout meat feast.

Stephen has been on the road since 2008 and is currently exploring Central Asia. Follow his blog at monkbroughtlunch.com

Kawakawa and the Hundertwasser Toilets – Karen Warren

Whilst toilets aren’t usually on most people’s travel itineraries, Karren’s interpretation of these kaleidoscopic lavs in New Zealand is insightful and her photos beautifully encapsulate the details and colour. So don’t pooh-pooh the idea of visiting this unlikely tourist attraction.

Karren’s travel interests lie off the beaten track. Follow her blog at worldwidewriter.co.uk


Find out what else the Lonely Planet Pathfinders are up to (or sign up yourself!) by checking out the Travel Bloggers: your stories forum on Thorn Tree.

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